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God answers prayers that come before His presence according to His wil. Many a time, we do not get some of our prayer requests answered at the time we "need" them because it is not the will of God for that particular request to be granted at the time we think we need them. Sometimes, we never get a prayer answered at all because it is totally out of God's will. Many a time, we, unknowingly, request for what we WANT and not what we NEED which is often outside the will of God. Prayer for a blessing or anything apart from worship and praises, is a REQUEST from God and NOT A COMMAND for God to act. In this light, it pays to seek the will of God to be done concerning any matter or any request you make whenever you pray. Do not feel disappointed when your prayer is not answered, rather, examine the content of the prayer and find out if it leads to the will of God. Also, find out if that request, when answered, will not cause God to go against His own words in the Bible. Take note that God only answers prayers that fall in line with His will. To know the will of God, study His word in the Bible and pray for Him to teach you through His Spirit (Holy Spirit). Stay blessed!