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sarahokojo ([personal profile] sarahokojo) wrote2015-07-30 05:04 pm

Glory! Glory! Glory!

Blessed be God who formed me in the womb and knew me before i came into being. Blessed be the great gift of life which i enjoy thanks to the care of my mother, grandma and aunties who brought me up by God's will. I thank you for allowing me to exist, i thank
you for having created me out of nothing and for making me a unique being, full of gifts that reflect your image. I thank you Lord for the lives of my family and friends. Thank you Abba father for the air that we breath, and for the blood that runs through our veins. Thank you for the wonderful universe that is beyond our comprehension. Thank you for our intelligence, for the gifts that you have bestowed upon every one of us. Thank you Lord because you call us your children even though we do not deserve that title. Thank you Lord because " I am who i am because You are who you are "!